Design that works


Status: In Progress
Area: 97m2
Year: 2019
Location: Athens, Greece

Having recently bought a flat in the heart of old Athens, our private client was keen to take advantage of its unique location and convert it to a modern apartment for private and commercial use. The flat was originally used as an office space and had a basic interior layout. Our civil engineers, interior design and procurement specialists all worked together to transform an office layout into a modern apartment maximizing the use of all available space. Our legal services were also deployed to handle all necessary legal processes associated with the project from the purchase of the flat to the change of land use.

Inspired by the location of the flat, overlooking Acropolis, KN Group carefully incorporated elements of the Greek architecture in the new design.  Existing furniture and materials were carefully re-used to ensure all resources are effectively used and the project is delivered within the budget specifications of our client.

MAYA is a unique home in the heart of Athens balancing modern and classical elements while providing a highly functional space for daily life to take place effortlessly.