Design that works


Status: Realised
Area: 773m2
Year: 2019
Location: Athens, Greece

KN Group team has undertaken the realization of the new contact center services of the leading worldwide smart file hosting service, located in Athens, Greece. The interior is designed in a brand-new industrial building as a workplace to play a positive role in the wellbeing of their employees, whilst improving productivity, and reinforcing brand positioning and company values at the same time. Inspired by the company's playful branding we used intense color details and materials as wood, metal, vinyl and neon light tubes to get an industrial and modern place but yet alive, pleasant and cozy. 

The product illustrations transform into branding “sculptures” while the colors create a warm and joyful atmosphere. Colored sketches with neon lights are installed in existing branding elements on the walls and new big-scale perforated metal sculptures of the branding figures are placed in the floor as part of the space. 

Second’s floor Lab Room and Meeting rooms are transformed into an open space area with two sections. The first place is the Lab Area, a playful lounge for the employees of which the exterior view is presented by a blue plexiglass box -inspired by the company’s logo- as in the interior view the Lab Branding Illustrations come in real life creating a scenery of the branding protagonist figures. The second is an open multiform space used as a meeting room, projection or break area and contains many small colored pillow boxes so the user can create his own set up depending the use and needs and encouraging social interaction.


A planted-wall construction injects lush greenery into the space resulting in more harmoniously and relaxing working environment. Green spots in the whole area create a shift in the work culture, promote a more open and collaborative environment.


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Photography: Mamalakis Stathis