Design that works


Status: Realised
Area: 180m2
Year: 2017
Location: Athens, Greece

A leading Executive Search Agency in Greece, trusted KN Group with the design, refurbishment and fit out of its offices in Athens. Its existing space – a tired and outdated workplace – was transformed into a functional yet inspirational new office for both employees and clients meeting the tight time and budget requirements that was set from the beginning.

KN Group completed a workplace planning and assessment based on which proposed a new open plan design that maximized the use of all available space, enabling useful employee interaction and improved communications. A series of translucent partitions were used and a custom made curved structure built from perforated metal was used in the centre of the available space to separate in a smart way meetings areas from the rest of the office space.

During the project all existing furniture and equipment was audited and evaluated with the view to re-use as many resources as possible. For example new desks were designed and were custom build, reusing existing legs while fitting new surfaces;  a special construction from recycled foam was designed and used for soundproofing on each desk. Electrical and data cables – previously visible – were now concealed ensuring functionality and security didn’t compromise aesthetics.

KN Group project managed the entire project from start to finish co-ordinating its internal experts as well as its network of craftmen, constructors and service providers, resulting in a hassle-free experience for its client.