Design that works


Status: In Progress
Area: 3360m2
Year: 2021
Location: Moschato, Greece

Designing and remodeling of an industrial building of the ‘70s. We create a "smart" workspace in combination of a high quality design and ecological applications following the LEED principals, but at the same time highlighting the Bauhaus existing design situation and philosophy of the building. Bringing new life and value to the existing situation, the existing building is renovated and redesigned following the basic norms of: Sustainable construction, High quality & Eco-Friendly Materials, Custom Design, Low-Key & Minimal Aesthetics Function & Smart Technology. 

Focusing on the importance of creating a high-performing workplaces that provide a better work experience for people and helps organizations achieve their strategic goal, our workplace are designed after carefully studying the profile and needs of the tenant. Several different facilities in the interior of the building creates spaces where companies can converse and interact, meet clients, host events and showcase their products. More info soon.