Design that works

The project is developed and implemented after the radical renovation of the existing structure and its transformation into a functionally “smart”, environmentally LEED GOLD-compliant office space.

Design and construction practices have been implemented that consider low energy consumption, avoidance of pollutant emissions and selection of environmentally friendly materials. Also, materials were upcycled or reused in the construction, such as e.g. glazing from the building shell.

Inspired by the tenant’s business, design references are drawn from the Greek ferryboats. The color palette is adapted, and the generous perimeter windows are highlighted to create the feeling of open space, aiming to simulate the summer ferryboat experience.


The floor is divided into three levels - islands by the addition of a raised floor. The South-East Island that houses the sales department is separated by a small wall with two recessed green interventions, the “stern” and the “bow”. References from the “deck” are created with pointed metallic handrail elements and bold color gestures. Sound-absorbing partitions serve the best user experience.

The central piece acts as a dynamic interactive core, as an assembly area with a polymorphic character for a variety of uses. The circular columns, which are a characteristic element of the building, are highlighted in bright red as a reference to the high and vertical “ship’s chimney”.

The North-East Island houses the common uses of the company: meeting rooms, phone booths, wc and kitchen area. There, a “porthole”, characterizes and marks the smallest cabins on the island, the ones that function as spaces for one-to-one meetings.


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