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Status: Realised
Area: 250m2
Year: 2017-2018
Location: Athens, Greece

Part of ENA working campus, Afrobaba is the cafeteria inside the Africa building.

Inspired by African architecture,  Afrobaba’s layout is designed around seven diversified sitting areas and a central service station, resembling the typical structure of an African village. Patterns, colours and textures from different African countries are combined and blended together to emulate the colourful landscape of the African world. All materials used including hand-painted murals, crafts, textiles and local games have been carefully selected and uniquely sourced from African craftsmen.

Outdoors, exotic plants surround a series of colourful rattan lounges and high tables providing a space that is ideal for social interactions.

Afrobaba – inline with our vision of making ENA a unique, innovative and culturally diverse campus – encourages ENA’s employees to experience Africa in the heart of Athens. 


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Interior Design: KN Group in collaboration with Point Supreme

Wall Paintings: Kokkonis Spiros

African Fabrics: KIMALÉ

Photography: George Messaritakis