Design that works

The 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution becomes for KN Group team a pleasant occasion for creation, discussion, reflection on our course so far in space and time as well as on a vision for what will follow in the future. Transforming the 7 symbols of our brand identity we try to cover the range of the references and stimuli of the past two hundred years for Greeks. These are intense, varied but deeply connected between them and they formed the modern Greek culture, which is constantly trying to find its place and establish itself on the world stage.

Architecture, like any other form of art, is at its core a cultural product that conveys, reproduces and communicates dominant symbolism and meanings, which express the "spirit" of each era. As such, in order to be understood in all its gamut and depth, it should always be considered in relation to the culture and society in which it develops. The experiences of the past need to be reflected in the future, featuring the historical imprint of the settlements.

Exploring, understanding and criticizing this development is our inspiration and basis for being able to welcome the "new", with respect for the “existing” but also with courage for innovation. From handmade craftsmanship and anonymous architecture, to Byzantine church building, from our maritime tradition, neoclassicism and folk art to modernism, situations that evolved during, before and after periods of turmoil, reaching the present and the here and now are a trigger for renewal, a basis for creation, inspiration and a goal for continuous evolution.