Design that works


In the context of sustainability and environmental conservation efforts, in 2020 we introduced de-plasticization at KN Group, as a corporate CSR initiative. We aim at reducing or eliminating the use of plastics from our everyday life, processes, and environments. 

We started from a wide and in-depth awareness and sensibilization program of our team including research on plastic use, distribution of informational material, and screening of movies. We distributed cloth bags, insulated bottles and thermos cups, cutlery set and reusable metal straws to our team members. 

We continued by implementing recycling programs for all our materials that can be recycled, extended reusing or upcycling programs in our projects, and drastic reduction of plastic use.

By making de-plasticization part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, we contribute to reducing plastic pollution.

The initiative is an ongoing process that we annually develop and upgrade.